Traffic Violations Attorney

Traffic Violations Attorney

Call The Law Offices of Jason LaMarca, LLC in Livingston, NJ

Were you pulled over for a traffic infraction in the Essex and Morris County area? Were you issued a ticket for:
  • Speeding?
  • Ignoring a stop sign?
  • Running a red light?
  • Reckless driving?
  • Careless driving?
  • Driving with a suspended license?
  • Lack of insurance?
  • Failure to signal?

Before your minor traffic ticket becomes a major headache, contact The Law Offices of Jason LaMarca, LLC. Jason LaMarca will work to get your ticket dismissed or reduced. He’ll work hard to help you avoid high fines, a marred driving record or loss of your driving privileges.

Call 973-577-6180 to request a free consultation about your moving violation.

Jason LaMarca makes the process easy

Attorney Jason LaMarca is experienced at representing clients in traffic courts in the region around Livingston, New Jersey. He’ll represent you before judges, and he’ll negotiate for a positive result.

Contact attorney Jason LaMarca today to discuss your traffic court case.